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Your Last Will - Leave a message to your loved ones!

YourLastWill on BBC News

After publishing an article on a spanish website the BBC also mentioned our app on their BBC News website. We are also getting more and more inquiries from potential investors. The subject of YourLastWill may not be easy but it is worth to think about!


BBC article mentioned YourLastWill

Our subject is getting more and more attention. Most recently the BBC published a Spanish article about how “Cómo la tecnología está cambiando los funerals” and mentioned YourLastWill on an Argentinean website: This was really boosting our website hits – and we like that! If there is someone who would like to translate this…

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R.I.P. – It’s never too late

As long as you are alive you should think about leaving a message to your loved ones! It’s never too early and it’s never too late, until it’s too late. It’s a really sad thing when you see people going. No one wants that to happen. Life is unfortunately short when you don’t try to…

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