After the lost battle!

First of all I’m writing this because I don’t think that I can answer in a decent way or react to those short messages on Facebook.

Sometimes you need more words than only a few to express yourself. That’s important to me even though the attention span of an adult is now supposedly set to 8 seconds which is shorter than the one of a goldfish with nine seconds.

So if this letter is too much for you, maybe you just read one sentence at a time and drink a German beer or wine before you read the next sentence… 😉

Let’s start with a few easy questions.

Is it really normal that a candidate applauds to „Lock her up!“ and encourages his crowd that he will actually do this while the very next day he’s gonna say „… and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.“ in his acceptance speech?

Do you really think that this is how communication works nowadays or are we just too used to all the lies swirling around our heads?

Don’t we recognize anymore how despicable that is? You threaten someone to put him in jail while the next day when you won the big prize you say the opposite. Is this how we all should talk to each other now? Are there really people believing that this is in any way how the world should be? Is this sane? Should hate speech and blatant lies be the new normal?

I don’t think so.

Then I got messages like I should be more positive and that this is a time for unity now.

I appreciate positive thinking a lot but sometimes we have to face the danger.

How can you see things more positively when you know that a Climate Change denier is moving into the White House and has already said that he will terminate the Paris Climate Change treaty because he thinks that Climate Change is a hoax?

Should I just silently accept that this guy will not think about the consequences of our actions to the planet on which we are all living? Should I just accept that many species are close to extinction and that the new POTUS will not care about that for a second?


Okay, if you are actually thinking that Climate Change does not exist you will not understand this point.

But to me that’s just very sad and there’s nothing positive about it. It’s like denying that your house is burning until your kids do actually catch fire…

He also said many other stupid things and I bet that many of those will cause a lot of trouble in the American society and all over the world in the months and years to come.

I really don’t’ believe that someone can and has ever changed overnight just because he became more “important”, quite the opposite.

Even though his acceptance speech sounds conciliatory I’m absolutely convinced that he will start to spread his hate and anger again because he has to please his voters and supporters. If he does not he will face a revolt from his evangelists and if he does hew will face the pressure from the other side.

Then I’m really used to the rhetoric of Germans darkest time. There is no difference. What Trump said in the last weeks and months was so close to what Hitler said in his speeches before the war that there is a possibility that we are now heading into the same direction.

Should I embrace this? Should I ignore it? Should I just pour icing over the cake?

I don’t think so.

Then all the analysts are saying that this was a vote of the angry and desperate left behind people.
I think this is true, but is there anything positive about it? I just have to recognize that humankind is stupid enough to follow someone only because he is able to express this anger, hate and disrespect and people will vote for him. This rat catcher obviously does not need a real plan. Just a phrase like “Make America Great Again!” – and then there are people really believing that this is the new Messiah?

Is this a good thing to see how easy people (or voters) can be manipulated by hate speech?

Some will say if he is that bad we will just vote for someone else in four years.

Yes, if there is still a possibility to do that and if he is not successful in spreading more hate and “reasons” why we should go to war with China and the rest of the world.

This guy is a self-centered Egomaniac like only a few before him. With all of those other ones humankind had a very bad experience.

Why should this possibly be a good one?

I’m not a pessimistic person neither a too optimistic one – most of the time. I try to look realistically at things. I don’t want my emotions taking over my reasoning too much, only when I’m having fun… 😉

This means that I’m not the guy who will put icing on top of a shitty cake just to believe that this cake is tasty afterwards.

Nevertheless let’s keep up the fight for a better world – at least we have a clearer target now. 😉


Posted on November 9, 2016 in YLW news

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