Rules & Guidelines

Public Wills

You can upload a video to express almost anything you would like to as long as your message is within the context of YourLastWill.

You can hold a speech about the wonderful future of mankind on planet Mars or post a warning about why those you leave behind should go back to nature and reject economic growth.

You can be polite or cheeky, funny or thoughtful.

You can address your nearest family or public leaders.

It’s up to you! Be creative and don’t be shy.

As Steve Jobs would say, make a dent in the universe!

Of course there are also some no-nos!

We will not allow pornography, harassment, or any kind of racism or bigotry.

Please don’t ever try to bully your schoolmates. We would have to suspend your account immediately.

Every Public Will can be flagged by any user and will be disabled after a certain amount of flags, but we will always review this process on a case-by-case basis.


Private Wills

  1. Your Private Will may contain whatever you want to express to your loved ones.
  2. You may leave a message to be lovingly remembered or to clarify something that is important to you.
  3. All Private Wills will be saved on a very secure server.
  4. No one has access to your Private Will as long as you don’t give away your Private Will QR Code.
  5. If someone tries to access your Will before the time has come, you will be informed via email and push notification. You then have 24 hours to stop any unauthorized access.
  6. In most countries Video Wills cannot replace Written Wills, but we are confident in our belief that this will change in the future.
  7. Please have a look on our website,, where you will find information about new developments including those regarding the legal aspect of this app.
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