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Opinion: One Nation's strategy to put sitting LNP and Labor MPs last will see seats change hands

Courier Mail - 1 day ago
WHEN you hear the words “this election will be decided on preferences”, it usually means it's too close for cautious pundits to call. And the looming Queensland election is no exception. In...

Last will and textament cuts out wife and son by phone

The Times - 6 days ago
A dead man's unsent text message leaving his home and pension to his brother rather than his wife and son and ending with a smiley face emoji has been ruled a legitimate will by an Australian...

What Eleanor wanted: the divisive 'last will' of a hollow tree champion - 3 weeks ago
The 'last will'. B.C. Supreme Court documents showed Hadley, a renowned Stanley Park hollow tree champion, wrote an official will in 2008 — one that was legally signed, witnessed, and...

Last Will and Testament cannot name out-of-state friend as personal representative

Palm Beach Post - 2 weeks ago
Question: My last will and testament needs to be updated. I moved to Florida three years ago. I have a New York will, but it was done more than 20 years ago. The New York document named my accountant...

Last Will and Testament not how to distribute personal items

Palm Beach Post - 4 weeks ago
Under Florida law, your Last Will and Testament can include a provision giving you the right to create a Tangible Personal Property List, and the right to modify the list as you desire. This is an...

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Important message:

Writing or recording a last will is a very important task. You should not postpone or procrastinate it. The earlier you do it the better. It’s then out of your mind and you can live for another hundred years… 😉

Posted on January 5, 2016 in YLW news

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